Mathilde's Inability to Accept Destiny in Guy de Maupassant's The Necklace

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Mathilde's Inability to Accept Destiny in Guy de Maupassant's The Necklace Many people born into the middle to lower class of society come to accept their lot in life and make the best of it, Mathilde, the main character in Guy de Maupassant's short story, 'The Necklace', is not one of these people. Mathilde felt that she was attractive and that fate must have made a mistake in birthing her into a family that could not provide a suitable dowry for a proper marriage. This situation left her with no choice but to marry Mr. Loisel, a minor clerk. Although many would think that Mathilde would have come to accept her lot in life, she never did; as time passed she dreamed more about the things she lacked, became more discontent with the…show more content…
She suffered because of her grim apartment with its drab walls, threadbare furniture, and ugly curtains? (paragraph 3). At the dinner table Mathilde complains because dinner is a simple dish and not some fancy elaborate meal of trout or quail, instead it?s boiled beef, a simple dish that her husband loves as you can tell by his statement when he opened the kettle ?Ah good old boiled beef! I don?t know anything better? (paragraph 4). Even though Mathilde thinks that she?s a pretty person, she doesn?t feel pretty because according to her ?She had no decent dresses, no jewel, nothing. And she loved nothing but these, she believed herself born only for these. She burned with the desire to be please, to be envied, and to be attractive and sought after? (paragraph 5). Mathilde is a very shallow person that judges a person?s importance and self-worth by their outward appearance. As the years dragged on Mathilde?s discontent with her lot in life lead her to become manipulative and inconsiderate, and of course the person who took the full brunt of this was her husband, Mr. Loisel. Mathilde?s manipulative behavior is portrayed when she used her wiles on Loisel by making him think that her theater dress wasn?t appropriate for the dinner, thus tricking him into giving her the money that he had saved for his shotgun to buy a new dress. She knew exactly how much to ask for, as we can tell when she said ?I don?t know exactly, but it seems to me that I could get

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