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Primary Mathematics EDM312 Word Count – 1657 “Use your reading and classroom experience to provide a critical analysis of the potential of teaching activities you would use to develop children’s learning of reasoning. Include within your analysis how you would include discussion and ICT.” Reasoning falls under the ‘Using and applying’ heading of the National Strategies guidance (DfES,2006) this covers ‘Making decisions, reasoning and generalising about numbers and shapes; and problems involving ‘real life’, money or measures’ (p3). This assignment will discuss activities which develop children’s abilities to reason. In addition it will consider the underlying skills required to develop children’s confidence and understanding of…show more content…
Sudoku is an additional inductive problem, requiring children to work systematically and logically to find the answer, furthermore developing their perseverance and determination. However Lynce and Ouakine(2006,p.1) stated ‘the line of reasoning required [in Sudoku]to reach completion may be difficult and each puzzle has a unique solution and does not require the use of trial and error or guessing’ some children with poor attention spans or patience may struggle to complete the puzzles. The Using and Applying Guidance Paper (DfES,2006) believe when children are acquiring problem solving skills they should begin with inductive reasoning activities as they tend to have a set answer and progress to deductive reasoning activities which involve a child investigating and thinking logically to prove something true or false. Stimulating and challenging problem solving activities elevate children’s ability to reason. ‘The postage problem’ is an inductive activity which although it requires investigation, the problem has a set outcome. The children work independently to answer word problems about posting packages using a Royal mail postage pricing list this allows the children to develop their skills of deduction and use the information to draw a conclusion. However some argue that word problems put children who are not confident readers at a disadvantage and could impede

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