Matriarchal in Moso Society

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Moso is a Chinese ethnic group that is famous for being a matriarchal society with minimal contact from the outside world. In Moso matrilineal system, woman is the pillar of the family. As the head of a family as well as a mother, a Moso woman is responsible to determine family’s name, decision, and inheritance. No one has right to replace woman’s authority, even a man. This is the primary point of a matriarchy which traces the side of Moso family’s lineage through the descendant of woman. What is great about Moso, despite being matriarchy, is that the society has no gender preference. Moso society shares their workload wisely between man and woman. Man usually works on labor-intensive activities, such as traveling for trade, slaughtering livestock, or building a house. Woman, on the other hand, engages in traditional activities including farming, cooking, or even serving their family. Moreover, because of their walking marriage system, everything they have earned, produced, and developed belongs to their family. One point which is mentioned in the lecture by Professor Ma implies that the main point of Moso matrilineal family does not lie in the relationship between husband and wife, but between brother and sister. In fact, Moso society has successfully created a stable family structure through these walking marriage system and fair division of gender roles.
Although the Moso freely practices a traditional marriage concept, which is also known as the walking marriage system,

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