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Matrix Concept Social Psychology Ganouse Capricien Strayer University

Social Psychology Concept | Definition | Application to SocietyProvide Example | Application to Criminal JusticeProvide Example | Application to the IndividualProvide Example | Survey Research | Structured sets of questions or statements given to a group of people to measure their attitudes, beliefs, values, or behavioral tendencies. | Survey research applies to society when we need to gather data or information concerning an event or some sort. For example, Survey research can be used at the university to understand how the students feel and how they are coping with the university’s rule. | Survey research applies to Criminal Justice when the department
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| Self- handicapping in society is the fact that people has barricaded their own way, and not wanting to move on. For example people has made excuses to fail and not being able to achieve their goal. Some people have made look like they can’t the real world in other to not work or go to school. | Self-handicapping in Criminal Justice is not just about inside of the criminal justice, but also on the outside. For example, some people has self-handicapping themselves to have an excuse as to not facing the fact that life has cut up with them, or some people might not want to move on. | Self-handicapping applied to the individual in their own ways. For example, Some people might destroy themselves just so someone else would feel sorry for them. Others might do it because they don’t want to face the reality or the truth. | Hindsight Bias | The tendency, once an event has occurred, to overestimate our ability to have foreseen the outcome. | | | | External Attribution | An attribution that locates the cause of an event to factors external to the person, such as luck, or other people, or the situation. | | | | Cognitive Dissonance | A feeling of discomfort caused by performing an action that is inconsistent with one’s attitudes. | | | | Media Persuasion | Media persuasion is when the media try to manipulates an outcome in order to make something that is not there. | | |
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