Matrix Organizational Structure

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The same can be said for projects B, C and D. 3. As mentioned earlier, Syngenta is making use of a matrix organizational structure to tap into the breadth and depth of the talents they have, to support their business strategies in the markets in which they operate. Syngenta operates in multidisciplinary markets which require various skills and expertise. Some of the company’s markets according to the company’s website include crop protection, seeds, flowers, turf and landscape, and bioline. These fields are specialized fields and require people with high scientific and technical background than just a business background (marketing, manufacturing, supply chain and logistics, finance and purchasing). To fulfill its mission which according to the site is “Bringing plant potential to life”, the company relies on the various knowledge, skills, competencies and talents of its human resource pulled from their usual functions to work together on each project the company undertakes. The matrix structure promotes coordination among team members and among team members and their supervisor, facilitates sharing of knowledge and expertise among employees drawn from different departments, enables complex decision making in the face of an unstable environment such as the one in which Syngenta operates and promote effective communication required for the various functions to work together more
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