Matsuo Basho Essay

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I decided to choose Matsuo Basho and Kobayashi poetry for the early modern age period. I chose Masoka Shiki poetry for the modern age period. The early modern age poems I chose were heavily based on nature and human interaction with the use of some nature. The modern age poems I chose both by Shiki there was a shift from the early modern age because of the different influences and of course time period. However, all of the poems I still could connect to whether it was about nature, real life human interaction, and experiences.
Basho and Issa poetry is a part of the early modern age period. At this time Japan was going through a period of isolation and was living in feudalistic system. Basho was able to exemplary given the cultural influences during this period because he expressed everyday life. He was able to express everyday life in a tone that could be reciprocated. The dominant themes
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However, both Issa and Basho seem to create works based on their observations where you notice the imagery. Issa says, “Snow starts melting”, the reader can visualize the snow. During Issa’s journey he notices that as the snow melts the village is crowded with children which gives me the impression of his recognition of the behavior of human and in the poem I chose, the children.
Masaoka Shiki’s dominant theme was expressing modern life and its complexities. The time period of social development and western culture where he wrote on reform. Shiki says, “I keep on working, and keep on working” but life still continues to have its struggles though working his supposed to aid a better life. This represents the complexities during this time period.
Though there is a difference in time periods, the themes intertwine in some way; though the influences of the poets work may differ. As I read all of the poems I chose, I still feel some kind of relationship because the themes in both the early modern age and the modern age are
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