Matsuo Basho

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Before the scientific revolution, controversy, alienation, and even imprisonment was what many new developing thinkers faced. Proposed ideas that challenged the teachings of the churches sparked controversy. Their early negative response has since then led many to believe religion clashes with science and obstructs the understanding of the natural world. However, faith and knowledge have been wrongly separated into two different groups and their cohesiveness has been over looked. This will be examined through selected texts. Both science and religion provide different ideas that together, contribute towards the better understanding of the natural world.
Knowing the mechanics behind something can help understand it. Similarly, science’s introduction
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It is from these observations that connections with another worldly phenomenon are able to be made. Religions, such as Buddhism, encourages the appreciation of the natural world and teaches the interconnectedness of ‘everything’. Matsuo Basho’s poem “The Narrow Road to the Interior”, is a perfect example of this point. In his poem, Basho vividly describes all that he encounters on his journey with excerpts such as “Twenty miles north of Sakata Harbor, as we walked the sandy shore beneath mountains where sea winds wander, a storm came up at dusk and covered Mount Chokai in mist and rain reminiscent of Su Tung-p’o’s famous poem” (Basho 302). It is clear Basho was greatly impacted by the sights he came across on his path, but through his haikus he also made connections to previously visited locations, sights, and other poems. As illustrated and explained, Basho’s poem embodies the Buddhist idea of interconnectedness. By relating past sights and text to what he is seeing, Basho is connecting different aspects of the natural world and ultimately finding beauty in nature and beauty in what it reminds him of. Basho ends his poem tired but with heavy desire to see Ise Shrine. He compares himself to a freshly stripped clam beginning another journey through Futami Bay. The metaphor for a spiritual
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