Matsushita vs. Sony Essay

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Case Study #2 The main differences between Matsushita and Sony’s products are that, Matsushita product line is more involved in the household appliances market as it is the world leader in this category, while Sony strives to be the globe’s technological leader and has a product line that is driven by advanced consumer electronics. “While companies such as Matsushita concentrates on being customer intimate, Sony has differentiated itself by focusing on product leadership.” Matsushita is the largest home appliances and household equipment (HAHE) producer in the world. Some of Matsushita’s products include: microwave ovens, refrigerators, irons, fax machines, air compressors, automatic washers and dryers, vacuum cleaners, air…show more content…
Matsushita did this by closing its fax machine factory in Germany, and closing its microwave oven subsidiary and air-compressor factory in the U.S. Matsushita also asked for more than 10,000 Japanese employees in its manufacturing sector to retire early and all of these closed businesses and cancelled job positions were moved to China. Matsushita’s establishing of the new “brain” in China, or Matsushita Electric R&D Center in Beijing, China, was the company’s second largest of 16 R&D centers around the world. Matsushita’s chairman, Yoichi Morishita said “it was too difficult to explain everything about China to Japanese designers; to really make use of China’s special competitive advantages and to really meet Chinese customers’ demands, Matsushita decided to hand over its China-related development and research issues to local researchers and engineers.” Matsushita decided to localize material supplies and use as many Chinese suppliers as possible for its operations in China because there are several material distribution and trade centers in China that provide steel, paint, hardware, etc. all functioning with a mechanism similar to that of the polystyrene distribution and trade centers. The fourth fundamental change in Matsushita’s new supply chain, Stretch the distribution link, Matsushita selected TCL, the largest TV producer in China, as its strategic partner to stretch its supply chain to Chinese rural and inland markets. With

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