Matt: A Fictional Narrative

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pulse from the pressure, nosebleed barely noticeable. And he knelt down quickly, a force blowing dust up and pushing the cars back as well as the people.
He was screaming now, glass cracking from windows, cars, cameras- Shattering. The screaming was being heard in his head and all around him, louder than ever before. It was agonizing. He could barely hear the cries of Matt anymore. He couldn't stop. He wanted to but he couldn't.
"Andrew! Don't make me do this!"
His head felt like it was going to split. He wanted to scream for help. Do what, Matt? He couldn't stop. Couldn't Matt see it?
And suddenly something went right through him. Knocking him off his feet. Pain and his eyes look down at the large spear sticking out of him and into the street. Blood turning the grey colored spear red and dripping onto the ground. His eyes widened.
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Forced to replay this over and over without any hope of change?
But he blacked out again, be it from what was pumping into his veins or just his body refusing to allow him to stay awake.
His eyes slowly open to strange colored.. water? Or was that just the glass making it look so. He was floating. The liquid was oddly warm. A oxygen mask covered his nose and mouth and were connected at the top of the cell.
He caught the blinking of a red light that shone every once in awhile. He was being filmed. But he was dead, wasn't he? Shouldn't he be at peace with his mother? He couldn't think straight. It hurt to think. His eyes looking down.
"Subject 0003 is awakening. His mind is showing signs again that he is alive and gaining consciousness. Oh god, his eyes
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