Matt Grant Case Study

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Running Head: Matt Grant Case Study Brandee Pohlson Matt Grant Case Study Entrepreneurship Grantham University ABSTRACT Matt Grant is an ambitious businessman who has found himself at a critical life crossroad as he faces possible discharge from his corporate career while conceptualizing an innovative business endeavor. Trekking through a handful of failed corporate projects with the company he currently works for, he must decide whether he wants to play it safe and remain a corporate employee or take an opportunistic leap of faith in the business realm. Matt is not alone in his experiences. His wife journeys with him through his trials, and also experiences career setbacks as a result of Matt's past failures.…show more content…
Matt then branches out and begins networking with potential business colleagues. His efforts include narrowing down estimates for magazine distribution, preparing a to-the-point brochure describing the business concept, which also provides rates and print schedules, and articulating a business plan containing hard projections. 3. Starting a new venture is almost always a risky undertaking. In addition to the financial and opportunity costs, entrepreneurship can also affect—for better or for worse—personal relationships and career trajectories. Discuss this dynamic in the context of this case. Aforementioned, Margy suffers through career obstacles at different points as a result of her MATT GRANT CASE STUDY husband's business decisions. She experiences delays in launching her career as she scraps progress twice, moving to he West coast, then packing up and moving back to the East coast, having taken bar exams in two states. Furthermore, she may now be the primary bread winner in her marriage for years at a time while Matt nurtures Racer's Resource in to a lucrative business. Not only does this put financial strain on Margy, it may lead to strife between her and Matt. At best, Margy endures, Racer's Resource takes off and they eventually lead prosperous lives together. At worst, two scenarios take place, one being that Racer's Resource fizzles and the couple must,
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