Matt Moreau's Dilemma

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BUS 303 Case One: Matt Moreau’s Dilemma Introduction Chuck Mackness, the president of Bantings department stores recently appointed Matt Moreau as head of customer services due to customer complaints at the other department stores. To help Matt in the staffing of his newly created department, Steven Judson, corporate personnel manager, refers Sally Armitage, an ideal candidate who holds many years of management experience at other department stores. After calling Tony Abbott, regional manager, who worked with Sally and gave her performance appraisal, Matt finds out that Sally recovered from cancer a few years ago and is unsure whether Sally would be capable for the high demanding position. This paper will analyze the ethical issues…show more content…
Although Tony gave her a performance appraisal, he understands the absences Sally took were serious. During the conversation with Matt, Tony believes Sally should not be hired because of her current state of health. He believes Sally is able to cope with her current position because she lives only 10 minutes away and that she has got a good staff when she’s not feeling 100 percent so she can coast a little bit. Sally is looking for a position in head office because she is ambitious. She does not consider the factors that would affect her if she does get hired. Her commute to work would increase to one hour each way unless she moves closer to downtown. The job would take a toll on her health and she would not have much time for her daughter with the late nights, meetings and traveling. Even if her illness comes back, she believes she can cope with the demanding job by working even harder to prove to herself that she can do anything. Sally’s daughter would not want her mother to be hired because that would lead to less time spent together and if they do move to downtown, Sally’s daughter would be one hour away from school or she would have to change schools. The other departments in Banting would not want any change in operations because they would have to learn new procedures and software. Ethical Issues Matt is obligated to make decisions in the interest of the company. If Sally is hired and her illness

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