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Case Study: Real Choices at Mattel

1. The decision facing Mattel is whether to continue to produce their products internationally where cost are low, or produce them in the United States where costs are significantly higher but quality is better. Mattel might want to even reconsider going global if there sales are decreasing more internationally than in the United States. Mattel needs to determine how many of the products produced internationally were recalled versus the amount of products produced in the United States that were recalled. Mattel also needs to decide how they are going to advertise their products in a way that will convince consumers in the external environment to buy their products, without having any
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Mattel should only take this thought into consideration if there new products are helping them to generate revenues and regain respect from consumers for producing good quality products. Mattel can also break the product line up and then sell the assets from it, if they don’t want to dispose of the whole product line. 4. As I mentioned above Mattel needs to determine if they want to have their products produced by producers in China or producers in the United States. They need to investigate into this problem and see which producer has the lowest recall rate and which producers seem to produce the highest quality products. They should re-evaluate the design of their product to see if there are any flaws involved with the overall design that are causing products to be harmful to children. Mattel should also do some research about international countries’ economies, unemployment rates, and how high the demand for toys is before selling their products internationally. 5. Some ways I can implement my recommendations for Mattel is to have them re-evaluate the design of their products by making some minor adjustments to them that they think will be beneficial. After they made some minor adjustments to the design of their products and they feel it will be effective they should then have the design sent to a producer in the United States and then to a producer internationally. After both of the producers have completed the product they should then

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