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ANSWERS: Q1: Because of the company’s product and designs primary for children, it must be sensitive to social concern about children’s right: By assuring parents that their children’s privacy will be respected, Mattel demonstrated that it takes its responsibility of marketing to children seriously. In 2007, Mattel conduct entitled Global Manufacturing principles. In this principle, Mattel’s business partners must ensure high standard for product safety and quality, adhering to practices that meet Mattel’s safety and quality standards, make sure that the entire product will not be harmful to the children. Partners must also comply with all import and export regulation and they must strictly adhere to local and international customs…show more content…
*Mattel has made many of the same products nearly since it was established, with the exception of picture frames and doll furniture, which were short lived products. Barbie has changed a little bit, but other than that, the products have remained unaltered. In order to have a competitive advantage, Mattel needs to grow with the market. As of right now, Mattel has four major subsets of their company: Barbie, Hot Wheels, Fischer Price, and American Girls. Mattel may want to consider either expanding on what these sectors make, or developing brand-new sectors to keep their company up to date. Q4: Opportunities The American toy market is becoming increasingly saturated and competitive, along with a downward shift in age of when children abandon tangible toys such Hot Wheels and Barbie for more interactive and technological products. This makes for little opportunity domestically for Mattel if they continue with the same product line. Fortunately, ample opportunity exists in Mattel’s new primary focus, international markets. Barbie has become an extremely recognizable brand worldwide, and has been selling very well in the markets it has been introduced to, namely Europe and Latin America. An alliance with an Asian company, Bandai, should also prove very beneficial as numerous eastern countries open their markets to western goods. This market has been left largely

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