Mattel Inc Segmentation , MKT571

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Mattel Inc. Segmentation
Tiffany Stoner
August 04, 2014
Isaac Owolabi
This paper is about the company Mattel and segmentation. It discusses the segmentation that the company can do for marketing their products. It will discuss demographic, psychographic, geographic and behavioral characteristics segmentations. The paper examine opportunities for a segmentation and what each segmentation means for the company.

Mattel Inc. Segmentation
Mattel is a global toy company that has been around since 1949. They are the company that introduced Barbie and Hot Wheels to the world as well as many others toys. Mattel has license agreements with Walt Disney and Nickelodeon. In
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S., 2012). Family size can be important because the more kids in the family, the more toys and games that will most likely be purchased. There is more chance of growth in markets when family size is bigger. When it is less than the parents will buy fewer toys. In addition, each child goes through a cycle, and they would soon get to the stage where they do not play with toys.
Psychographic looks at the psychological/personality traits, lifestyle or values of people in the demographic segmentation. It helps to breakdown the data from the demographics and break into even more detail about the segment to give you a better idea of how to market to that segment. It gives information on the targets behavior and attitudes by looking at their lifestyles and values. There are ways for Mattel to gather this information. Mattel can perform a survey, use web tools, analysis subscribers, and outsource to a marketing firm. Conducting a survey will be good for Mattel, but since the target market is mostly kids Mattel would have to survey the parents. The parents are the ones who buy the toys and are influencing the children’s behavior and values. The survey can help Mattel find out what the parents will purchase for their kids. In addition, it will help Mattel find out if the family is active and likes to do outdoor

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