Mattel Toys: Safe for Girls and Boys? Essay

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Mattel designs and manufactures toys that are treasured by boys and girls all around the world. They believe in the influence of play and the power it has on children to grow and learn. This paper will look at who was responsible for Mattel initiating the recall of its toys, whether Mattel acted in an ethical, responsible manner in regards to the safety of their toys, and also look at ways society can protect children from harmful toys. Mattel was founded in 1945 and was run from a garage in Southern California. The first product that was manufactured was picture frames and dollhouse furniture was made with the frame pieces. Mattel changed the way toys were sold when they started advertising on the television show the Mickey Mouse…show more content…
Mattel recalled in excess of 20 million toys in August 2007 and an additional 700,000 toys in early September. More than 1 million Fisher Price toys, a lot of them were Nickelodeon and Sesame Street personalities contained extreme amounts of lead paint on Chinese-built toys from Mattel and its Fisher-Price division. (Ogando, 2007).
Mattel revealed as much facts as was feasible when their merchandise was recalled and they were pre-emptive, honest, and straightforward. Mattel kept a graph of the products recalled on their website with the name, quantity and picture of the recalled items, any announcements made by the media concerning the recall was charted including blogs, customer service call records and radio, newspaper and newscast excerpts (Mcilroy, 2007)
Mattel places the guilt for several of its lead misfortunes on a Chinese sub-contractor that used an unapproved paint. Mattel tested the toys and discovered that they had lead concentrations up to 200 times the government-authorized cap. The practice of using lead paint in toys has been prohibited in the United States ever since 1978. Lead paint is inexpensive and has a greater shine which makes for more vivid reds and yellows (Ogando, 2007).
The remaining recalls occurred due to the toys having small, powerful magnets that could potentially cause death if they happen to come loose and be ingested by a child.

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