Matthew 14: 1-4

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Literary Context
To grasp more fully the miraculous feeding, it is important to understand that this passage and miracle took place during Jesus’ ministry in Mark. In Matthew 14:1-21 takes place during the progressive crisis of the Messiah’s ministry and in Luke 9:7-17 occurs during the Christological turning point and end of the Galilean ministry.
Mark’s Gospel was the first of the Synoptic Gospels and because of this it was the basis of writing for Matthew and Luke . Mark uses intercalation and is the longest of the three. Mark’s gospel was very much toward the Jewish Christians and written during the First Jewish Revolt around 65-70 CE. In understanding Matthew’s background of this miracle, we have to understand that this was the most
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This is seen because with the disciples going out and preaching it makes Jesus gain more fame and creates himself a reputation to the people, including Herod. In Mark and Luke, they both include the opinions of the Jewish people of who they thought Jesus was, some speaking Elijah, a great prophet, and then John the Baptist . Luke focuses here more on Jesus’ identity and not necessarily about John’s arrest and death. Jesus is referred to as, “John risen from the dead” in all three of the synoptic gospels. Mark uses this section of the message to create a new division with Jesus moving outside of Galilee, which is outside of Herod’s territory, Matthew also includes that this is a reason for Jesus to leave . Matthew and Luke use the phrase, “tetrarch” to describe Herod instead of King as Mark uses. Tetrarch means a ruler over the dependent state and Matthew and Luke to make sure this is corrected . Mark shows emphasis on the term King, which was used by many during this time…show more content…
Matthew is the only one who mentions that the women and children were not included in the 5,000 assuming that He really fed more . Also, it goes along with Matthew’s dramatic emphasis on many things, while Mark was very broad by just saying men. Luke mentions that Jesus is doing two different things within this miracle; he is preaching the Kingdom of God and curing those who need healing .
All three accounts recognized the importance of the 5 loaves and 2 fish and Mark wants to show the readers that through this miracle they have a true shepherd in Jesus. Luke recognizes that the miracle took place somewhere around Bethsaida, which means, “house of the fish” .
All three include the leftovers, which seems to show the greatness and abundance of Jesus’ power of this miracle. This part of the passage is strictly triple tradition with so much of the writings of the evangelists are showing through this miracle the power of God not just on this earth, but that He has eternal power over all. His power shines through from God and it’s important to understand Jesus’ power over nature and all humankind.
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