Matthew Arnold as a Poet and Critic

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Amal Mohaya AlRekabi Course : Poetry Matthew Arnold as a Poet and Critic The word "criticism" is derived from a Greek word that means "judgment". So, criticism is basically the exercise of judgment, and literary criticism is, therefore, the exercise of judgment on works of literature. From this, it is clear that the nature of literary criticism is to examine a work of literature, and its function is to identify its points of excellence and its inadequacies, and finally to evaluate its artistic worth. Literary criticism concerns itself with asking philosophical questions about the nature of imaginative literature. It is not just surfing the literary text for answering questions about the syntactical or semantic structures of…show more content…
He is considered as the father of modern criticism. His critical theories are the backbone and the cornerstone of the modern criticism that companies the focus on form and content and shows the language of the poetry and the role of the poet and the selected topics, themes and subject matter for poetry. He has several essays that considers important and influential on modern writing. The Practice to Poem is one of them, The Function of Criticism at the Present Time is another one, showing his defiance of the role of the critics. Because there is an argument who comes first the producer of the critic?, In Arnold discussion both of them in equal level, because the critics drives you to read the text by parsing or analyzing it. The critic will praise the style, structure, language and ideas which will affect the minds of the readers and the younger writers. Therefore, a critic has a very important role in shaping the minds of his readers and the younger writers and other critics in teaching them what they have to look for in any text. As a conclusion, Mathew Arnold changed a great deal in his own
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