Matthew- Christ The King. We Begin Our Survey Of The Biblical

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Matthew- Christ the King We begin our survey of the biblical theology of the New Testament with the Gospel of Matthew and his focus on the Lordship of Christ and our need for repentance. Christ’s identity is the focus of this Gospel because His identity holds the key to His claim to the throne of the kingdom. This question of Christ’s identity is a recurring theme in all of the Gospels, but it is especially poignant in Matthew’s account as he is asking the specific question: What proof is there that Jesus of Nazareth is the Messiah? Matthew begins answering this question in chapter 1 with a genealogy of the people of Israel from Abraham to David to Christ, showing that Christ has the blood and legal right to the throne of the…show more content…
Christ then goes forth to call His first disciples: Peter, James, John, and Andrew. Then, Mark goes on (1:21-2:12) to tell of certain miracles that Christ did in the presence of His disciples to validify His authority and claims. Then, Mark begins to change his focus for a while. He recounts when Christ called Levi (that is, Matthew) to follow Him, and then, having given initial proof of Christ’s authority, Mark tells how Christ actually taught His disciples as they encountered opposition (2:18-28). A similar pattern repeats throughout the book as Mark recounts Christ teachings (3:7-4:34; 6:1-13; 7:1-30; 8:11-9:1; 9:30-10:45) and the works that He did to verify them (3:1-6; 4:35-5:43; 6:30-56; 7:31-8:10; 9:2-29; 10:46-11:25). This all culminates in the authority of Christ at last being challenged by the Sadducees and Pharisees. Finally, Christ challenges their religious authority(12:1-44), gives His disciples His final exhortations (13:1-36), and eats His last Passover with them before His death. Finally, Mark ends with Christ charging His disciples to go and make disciples of all nations (16:15) and gives them the “accompanying signs” to validate their preaching in the eyes of the world (16:17-18, 20). Luke- Christ the Holy One of Israel There are many theological themes running throughout the Gospel of Luke, but it would do good to highlight the predominate theme of the Holiness of Christ in this Gospel. Luke opens

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