Matthew Paolini . Religion: Sacred Scripture . Mrs. Williams

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Matthew Paolini
Religion: Sacred Scripture
Mrs. Williams
November 18th, 2016 Saint Sebastian Mahatma Ghandi once said, “The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.”(Gandhi). Forgiveness is something that you have to own up to and owning up to something you have done is not always the easiest thing to do. Even though it is hard to do, the strongest people can admit when they have done something they were not supposed to. In Christianity, a religion of selflessness and forgiveness, the story of Saint Sebastian may be one of the most unique life stories. Although he is named the Patron saint of Athletes and Soldiers, his life might best exemplify his quest for forgiveness and spreading Christ 's love
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Emperor Diocletian sentenced Sebastian him to death. Emperor Diocletian was very well know to kill Christians, and he ordered Sebastian to be killed by being tied to a stake and using him for target practice. His body was found by Irene of Rome, the body was described as “full of arrows as an urchin”(Catholic Online). Irene of Rome, cared for him until he was fully recovered from his injuries. When he was fully recovered from his arrow wounds, Sebastian would set out to find Emperor Diocletian. There are different versions of Sebastian 's story, however, the most accepted version is that Sebastian set out to forgive the Emperor for what he had done to him. When the Emperor saw Sebastian he was surprised and wanted him dead, commanding for his guards to beat him with clubs until he died. His body was found by a Christian woman, who secretly buried him beneath the catacombs of Rome in 287 Ad. During his life, Sebastian was not just a soldier in the Roman army but was a soldier of God. As a soldier he fought against the powers of evil. A soldier that would spread the word of God to prisoners. By spreading the word of the Lord, Sebastian changed lives. One of Sebastian’s documented miracles was of a prisoner named Zoe. Zoe was a woman that had lost her speech to a palsy in her tongue. When Sebastian made the sign of the cross on her mouth, she could speak again. When

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