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If you’re moving into a new house or are buying some new furniture, chances are you’re looking for a new bed. One of the first things you when you need to think about is mattress sizes. There are lots of mattress sizes to choose from and you’ll need to be familiar with all of them before you can choose the right one for you. Twin or single: A twin mattress measures 39″ x 75″. Most commonly, twin beds are used as children’s beds.

Mattress Sizes

They’re also great for daybeds or hide away beds, and they can be a perfect solution if you want to make a room double as a study and a guest bedroom without sacrificing much space. Twin extra long: a twin extra long is a twin bed that’s 5 inches longer than its traditional counterpart, 39″ x 80″ instead
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These are not as readily available as regular twin sheets. Double or full size: Double mattresses are 54″ x 75″. They’re perfect for two average sized people who share a bed, or are also a good solution for someone who sleeps alone but likes a lot of extra room. When you think about mattress sizes, remember that the basic double or full size is the same length as a twin bed.

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This can be an advantage if no one sleeping on it is particularly tall and it needs to fit in a particularly small space such as a studio apartment or single bedroom apartment. Queen size: Queen mattresses are 60″ x 80″. These can be quite roomy when compared to a double bed. They are 6 inches wider and 5 inches longer than a double bed. This can make for much better sleeping arrangements, especially for larger people.

Depending on where you want the bed to go, though, keep in mind that this size of mattress is going to be a little bit harder to maneuver than smaller mattresses. King size: A king-sized mattress is the same length as a regular queen bed and another 16 inches wide. This gives to people sleeping together quite a bit of extra
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