Mattress Target Audience

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Customer profile / target market

For the development of the “smart bed mattress” the target audience will be pretty broad. The mattress is a product that can be used by people of any age or gender or religious preference, etc. However the target audience to purchase will be anyone over the age of 18 as they are more likely to have the financial ability to make such a purchase. It would also be directed at the middle class and higher as this will not be a bottom of the line mattress. Geographical area is unimportant as the mattress can be shipped to a customer’s home by online purchase. In the beginning there would most likely only be a single location for a customer to actually see and feel the mattress. Hopefully, the mattress will
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Mattress Firm is the leading mattress company in the line of business with more than 3,500 stores in 49 states. The market share for Mattress Firm is 25.2%, which is huge in this market. A strength for Mattress Firm is brand loyalty and they have a proven track record of growth. The weakness is that they do not offer a mattress like the “smart bed mattress”. Sleep Number is in a distant second with a market share of 7.8% with 488 stores. Sleep Number does have the advantage of having a technologically driven company and as of September 2016 is offering the ItBed, which offers even more personalization than its other mattresses all while coming shipped in a small convenient box. The ItBed is filled with air pockets, which I feel is a weakness due to the fact that these air pockets can burst and then you have a broken mattress. Sears is a well known company that is in almost every state and has an internet presence as well. Sears does not manufacture the mattresses that they sell as they are just a distributor of other mattress companies. However, Sears does have brand loyalty and has been in business for a very long time, which makes them
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