Mature Minded Children

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There are many children in this world who act with a mature mind, involving themselves in any adult situations they come across. They act like they are mature enough to handle situations that do not require their opinions or thoughts just because they are too young and inexperienced to comprehend the situation that they are forcing themselves into. In doing so, they create pain to the adults that are involved. Timothy Findley’s novel, The Wars, Juliet, a character, involves herself in every situation that only involves adults; consequently, she harms, threatens and disrespects her friends. Juliet is the character in, The Wars, that has this kind of ‘disorder’. She eavesdrops and uses her observation skills to hear all the secrets that go on around their house. She feels no remorse with her continuous use of eavesdropping towards the patients of the D’Orsay house. At that young of an age, she should be looked after more by her parents to ensure she will not harm anyone else in the future and cause those around her to feel threatened resulting in others not supporting her. Juliet’s natural thoughts is to threaten her friends when she feels it is necessary. Major Terry, Barbara’s ex-boyfriend, is a soldier who was injured and arranged to recover in the D’Orsay house. He was a sexual partner for Barbara until Robert came to the house. Barbara becomes more interested in Robert and emotionlessly ignores Major Terry. Juliet witnesses the actions Barbara has committed and decides

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