Maturing and Becoming Responsible at a Young Age

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Words are so powerful not only because it tell the stories of others but us as well. There are many things that we keep to ourselves instead of sharing our experiences. Among them, we seem to unintentionally hide the process of us becoming an adult. Everyone at one point becomes an adult, however the difference is in that how much a person matured. A person maturity can only be determined looking at one’s experiences and how they were handled. In my case, by earning money, taking responsibilities, and controlling my emotions were my steps to get an adult stamp. People who have earned money with their sweat know the value of money and spend it wisely. Money is powerful and it can be scary as well. When I lived in Burma, my life was filled with nothing but pleasures. Having born in a rich family, I didn’t have to do anything and I had servants to do the things I wanted. I had nothing but fake friends and a bad attitude. Growing up, I wanted to become independent person while living in the land of freedom. It was hard to do labor job but I managed it. Now I have become penny pitcher who doesn’t spend anything if not necessary. I began to know what role money takes on society and I have found that it might be the most powerful thing in the world. We have to learn how to take responsibilities as a first step to adulthood. My parents who have 3 children have taken enormous responsibilities ever since we were born. The one time when my parents got into a car

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