Maunica Panic Attack Case Study

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QP engaged Maunica in participating in a CBT activity geared towards effective coping skills to deal with panic attract. QP explained to Maunica that the activity will teach her effective coping strategies to rid of having panic attract. QP brainstormed with manic symptoms of panic attack. QP asked Maunica, when was the last time she experienced a panic attack. QP asked Maunica to list some symptom of her panic attack. QP asked Maunica how long do a panic attack last for her. QP asked Maunica to explain, what held her panic attack to go away. QP demonstrated to Maunica an example of a panic attack. QP asked Maunica to list some triggers of panic attack. QP discussed with Maunica trends and patterns of panic attacks. QP explained, to Maunica,
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