Maupassant's Boule de Suif

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Maupassant closed his short story with Boule de Suif crying. How does his story account for this scene and our reaction to it? The language in “La Boule de Suif” is chosen purposefully. Maupassant uses details, images and words in order to create a particular effect on the reader. His writing is implicit throughout the story and shows the real face of a group of French people. The group is detained by a Prussian officer who forbids them to continue on their journey unless La Boule de Suif, a prostitute, sleeps with him. She considers this action to be a betrayal of France but after being pressured by her companions, she accedes to the demand. Nonetheless, La Boule’s sacrifice is not what affects the reader the most; it is her tears at…show more content…
They all face the betrayal of France and the anthem reminds them of their treachery. Cornudet is not a patriot either, he was against La Boule sleeping with the Prussian officer only because he wanted her for himself, but she refused him. He keeps on repeating and accentuating the rhythm of the anthem to humiliate her in revenge. However, La Boule represents the emblem of the country here while the others are traitors of France. Her tears are the tears of France. It is the greed and selfishness of the ruling classes which caused the loss of the war. Maupassant makes the ending of the story genuinely strong and meaningful. It is impossible to not feel sorry for La Boule; it’s revolting that she saved her companions and instead of their gratitude and respect, she obtained hateful looks and humiliation. Maupassant shows the hypocrisy, greed and cowardice of the rich classes who are supposed to help their country in hard times, but who, on contrary, lead to its loss. Despite the fact that she is crying, Boule de Suif is the only character who deserves our admiration; she’s the only who shows her real face and who is truly devoted to
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