Maureo Jaquez During The French Revolution

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Since it's foundation in 1330, the capital city of Millares has grown from two villages into the massive city it is known. Castilla Palace stood out as it was the tallest building in the city, made out of limestone. Construction lasted 13 years as hundreds of workers died while building the palace from the ground up. It was finally done in 1465 as the entire palace with inaugurated on King Florinio Castilla's thirty birthday. It included a dome, cloisters, statues of several religious heads, corridors, an inner garden, an infirmary, and a library. The throne room wasn't added to the palace until the Ávila family had the crown in 1730. After the Ávila Revolt ended, the Medellin-Varejão families took over the palace and made it their home. Queen…show more content…
Morale is low and we are limited in guns and cannons. The Queen needs to start fixing her country before it's too late." Maureo Jaquez, the Minister of the Army, said to Alvizo as he looked at Interior's papers. Jaquez was the leader of the rebellion against the Ávila family during the revolt. He lead his men to several victories at the start and end of the revolution. The Batigefalé Army had seventy-one thousand soldiers, twelve thousand cazadors, fourteen thousand cavalry, and four cannons on standby with low moral and half of the army was ready for an attack. That is why Jaquez created the Reformation Act of 1816 as a way to increase the preparation and moral of the army. The act would also cut the entire army in half, saving them for debts in the nearby future. It was a big risk to cut the entire army in half, but it would benefit them in the near…show more content…
The double wooden doors opened as Mariana entered the meeting room to see her usual ministers, waiting for their Queen. The guards shut the doors as she entered the room and walked towards her seat. The three men stood up until the Queen took her seat as they waited to present their reports. "Terribly sorry that I was late. My family was keeping me back. I am ready to hear about your findings." she said to the men as she was ready to hear the reports. Alvizo was the first one to speak.

"My Queen, the economy of Batigefalé is slowly growing back. But, we are still in debt and the provinces are growing more unrest. It has been fourteen years since the revolt ended, but the economy is still in bad. We must do something before it's too late." Alvizo spoke as he looked at his papers and back at the Queen.

"What do you suggest we do?" she

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