Maurice Sendak: Through Controversy To Success Essay

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Maurice Sendak: Through Controversy To Success “These are difficult times for children. Children have to be brave to survive what the world does to them. And this world is scrungier and rougher and dangerouser than it ever was before”—Maurice Sendak Throughout the past fifty years, Maurice Sendak has been a challenging and inventive voice for children’s literature. His work will continue to be entertaining and educational for young children and adults alike for many years to come. Sendak has won many awards for his work in children’s literature; however, much controversy surrounds his work. Sendak’s books have had grotesque characters, kids becoming “wild things”, kids get stolen by goblins, kids are eaten by lions, and some…show more content…
He spent a lot of time in a hospital and recovery time in a nursing home in London. After returning home to New York, Sendak soon discovered his beloved dog Jennie was sick and soon would die. Jennie is pictured in some of his books. Sendak does this as a tribute to his beloved dog. Maurice Sendak has won almost every award available for children’s literature. He has won the Caldecott Medal, the Hans Christian Anderson Award, and the American Library Association’s Laura Ingalls Wilder Award. Mr. Sendak calls The National Medal of Arts “my first grown-up award”. Maurice Sendak’s works are numerous, according to The National Endowment for the Arts. He has written more than 80 books including his most popular books Where the Wild Things Are (1963), The Night Kitchen (1970), and Outside Over There (1981). These three books explore children’s very real primal fears. The books have had their problems along with their success. In Where the Wild Things Are Sendak worked as both the author and illustrator. The story is about a boy, Max, who was sent to his room to discover his imagination has created a whole new world, including wild geographies and monsters. This book is considered a favorite by young and old. Where the Wild Things Are has been translated into fifteen languages and is selling more than two million copies. This book brought Sendak international acclaim and a place among the world’s greatest illustrators. In The Night Kitchen,

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