Maurits Cornelis Escher 's World 's Most Famous Graphic Artists

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Maurits Cornelis Escher, most commonly know as M.C. Escher, is one of the world’s most famous graphic artists. Born June 17 1898. in Leeuwarden Netherlands, M.C. Escher developed a system of drawing and organizing pictures in mathematically congruent patterns. This idea toyed with tessellations and spacing in pictures. A tessellation is collection of one or more tiles, or shapes used as patterns, which are organized side by side with no gaps and no overlapping. The outcome ends up being a collection of repeated shapes that acts as an illusion or nauseous design. In young ages Maurits was a very visual and creative child. He attended Haarlem’s School for Agricultural and Decorative Arts. Escher studied graphic arts and at the age of 24 designed his first famous piece known as “Eight Heads”. “Eight Heads” is a tessellation that depicts both a man and a women side by side in traditional 1900’s clothing. In 1923 he traveled to the mediterranean where he met Jetta Umiker and married a year later, eventually having three children. The following year he settled in Rome with his wife and children where he was able to strictly focus on his arts. He was very good with the manipulation of perspective and orientation and his paintings and drawings were often designed to amuse and confuse. An example of this is a drawing well known as relativity. Relativity portrays a series of staircases and platforms where it appears as if the gravity and Maurits was not always a good

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