Maus And The Commandant Of Lubizec

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The two novels: Maus and The Commandant of Lubizec, are two remarkable portraits and classic work of the Holocaust literature. Though these books are vastly different, they have some similar characteristics of the way the camps and jews were organized and treated throughout the war. Maus is a comic strip of the author’s fathers time during the war and the aftermath it had on his life. The Commandant of Lubizec is actually a fiction novel based on historical fact and the testimoney of survivors that actually lived and survived the camps and the war. The luck of survival in these camps is very drast. For example, in Maus, his skills saved him throughout his war experience where as in Commandant of Lubizec it was more the luck of …show more content…

Vladek was choosen to instruct his block supervisor in English. (What’s interesting by this is that Valdek’s block superviosr wanted to learn English due to the fact that enemy lines were gradually increasing their distance and he wanted to be able to fall up on a backup plan come to the end of the war.) By doing this, the block supervisor gave him very helpful instructions ato survive while here in the camp. First advice he ever gave Vladek was to stand far left when they had to line up the next day. The SS chose who to take to work and started on the right side. With his block supervisors helpful instructions, Vladek was able to live another day. Another perk of being the block supervisors tutor is he got different forms of special treatment. He was able to have filling meals and was allowed clothes that pertained to his body shape. He even got an extra pair of shoes, a belt, and a spoon for his friend Mandelbaum in the camp (pg. 192-193). Only problem was if another Kapo saw Vladek getting special treatment, it could turn into really bad knews for him. The relationship of prisoners in the camps were very drast. In the role of survival, you can see friends turn on each other. When starving you will do anything to survive. There was a difference in these two novels about the dealing of prisoners within the camps. In Commandant of Lubizec since their were very few survivors.

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