Maus Essay

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Andrew Hart Intro to Lit Prof. Rajaram Oct. 22 2013 Vladek’s Confusion To be in the Holocaust as a jewish citizen is a frightening stretch. Overcoming through all the odds that the concentration camps, Gestapo, and the war provided is a rewarding achievement for a lucky Jewish subject. Not for Vladek Spiegelman. In Artie Spiegelman’s Graphic Novel Maus, he uses pictures to describe his father’s journey through the Holocaust. Vladek loses almost everything he loves his business, home, and most of his family. This tests his character throughout the story and ultimately results him being bitter towards life after. However the Holocaust forces Vladek to rely on inanimate objects to get him through this time. He confuses people and…show more content…
He almost loses his prize wife, but he proves that he actually cares about her. After the consoling the panel below show a huge family dinner celebrating triumph of Vladek’s hard work getting his trophy wife. Vladek loves Anja and proved so by dealing with an ex girlfriends crazy antics. However his love for Anja is a mild distraction that he has a special relationship with currency and his love life is a form of it. World War 11 makes Vladek’s unique bond with currency a valuable resource for him as a tool for survival. With the war hitting the jewish community the hardest, because of Vladek and Anja’s family wealth they are able to enjoy the luxurious life-style longer. Vladek even says “When first I came home it looked exactly so as before I went away. (Spiegelman 76)” The panel prievews outside window looking in on the family gathering together for dinner. In a huge estate as if the war did not affect them. Even though all is calm then the family knows this will not be safe for them forever. With their money running low they rely on Vladek’s love for currency to help them keep the family going. It is the shift of currencies that Vladek is able to keep things running smoothly for he and his family. After discussing with his family that the money is running low he goes back to his business roots and hits the streets in pursuit to make
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