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Nathalie Castro Maus Topics for Discussion: Comics Technique In Understanding Comics, Scott McCloud argues that a face drawn with great detail can represent only one specific person, but that a face drawn with few details—a smiley face, for instance— could be almost anyone.  Source: Scott McCloud, Understanding Comics (DC Comics, 1999): 31. Describe the faces in Maus. Are they iconic (could be anyone) or particular (could only be Vladek)? The faces in described in Maus are intensely descriptive and illustrated. For example, the Germans are drawn as cats, the Poles as pigs, Jews as mice, Americans as dogs, and lastly, the French were drawn as frogs. The faces could go either way; they could be iconic or particular. They…show more content…
Read the epigraph at the beginning of book two about Mickey Mouse. Compare this statement to your own assumptions about Mickey Mouse. Discuss the conversation about Walt Disney on page 133, book one hypothesize why Vladek might compare Art to Walt Disney. The portrayal of cats and mice in the cartoon world are alike to the ones in Maus. In the “Tom and Jerry” cartoons, the at always wants to catch the mouse. The mouse, on the other hand, is too smart for the cat. What would usually happen is that the mouse would successfully think of ways to trick the cat. Moving on, we start to discuss the conversation about Walt Disney. It is obvious that in Vladek’s time, the only cartoonist widely known was Walt Disney. Although he is oblivious to the new expansion of cartoonist, it is implied his knowledge of him. Vladek compares are to Walt Disney because he also, uses mice as his icon. It is what has made him famous, it’s all his. One day, he hopes that Art will be as successful and his iconic mouse characters will be as famous as Walt Disney. Words & Pictures The comics combine words and pictures. We know how to read words, but how do we “read” pictures. Look for general and specific examples of image as “text” in Maus. How do Spiegelman’s images supplant or circumvent words? Here are some examples to consider: What is a symbol? What symbols are

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