`` Maus Trigger Me More Than Narrative Of The Life Of Frederick Douglass And Half Of A Yellow Sun

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Maus trigger me more than Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass and Half of a Yellow Sun since my country has been through similar experience. My country is the Republic of Korea, also called South Korea. It is small country located between powerful countries like China, Russia, and Japan. Thus, it is a place where war never stopped even till now. Too many times, we were too close to losing our country and one time, in 1910 we actually did. Lasted for Thirty-five years, it is called the Korea under Japanese rule (or Japanese colonization). Just like the Germans did to the Jews, Japan did the same thing to the Korea maybe worse. They striped our country inside out. King was dethroned, queen was murdered, men were taken to camps for…show more content…
As Artie wrote it in the book, “in 1968 my mother killed herself … she left no note!”, shows absence of a note, which might have explained why she killed herself, made not only Artie, but also Vladek were put into the misery. Vladek and Artie could not support each other in the crucial moment. Comic expresses the Artie’s anger at Anja and his pain left to dealt alone with the overwhelming feeling of losing mother.
Another form of guilt I see is from the Vladek toward Anja. In 1944, he and Anja left Srodula and moved to Sosnowiec. After they left Srodula, all their hiding places were temporary and unreliable. Vladek realized if Germany occupies the country there is nothing left for him and Anja in Poland and there will be no chance for them to live without fear. so Vladek tells Mrs. Kawka he would do anything to get out of Poland and Mrs. Kawka tells him about smugglers, taking people to Hungary. But as the comic expresses she was clearly involved. However, Vladek so eager to get to Hungary, he could not see that. Meeting with the smugglers, he meets Mr. Mandelbaum, an Spiegelmans who owned a sweets shop once along with his wife, and his nephew, Abraham. Vladek is not sure whether to trust the smugglers so, Abraham volunteers to go with the smugglers first, then to write if everything is safe.
Anja, on the other hand felt leaving is too dangerous and insists she will never go with the smugglers to Hungary. But Vladek refuses to change his mind. He
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