Essay on Maus and the Holocaust

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The Holocaust is known to all of us in some manner. Maybe we know someone who survived this

terrible event in history, or one has learned about it in school, either way, everyone has had some kind of

knowledge about the horrible things that the Nazi party did to the European Jews during the Holocaust.

The Holocaust took a great toll on many lives in one way or another, one in particular being Vladek

Spiegleman. Vladek's personality underwent a huge change due to his experiences during World

War II. His personality is so dynamic and it was the experiences that he made during the Holocaust that

changed him so dramamtically.

In the beginning of Maus the reader is thrown into a scenario of the
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He was a fun-loving young man

with his whole future ahead of him. He didn't seem to have care in the world and was a happy bachelor.

He eventually met Anja and sure enough they got married. His marriage with Anja really didn't change

the way he ated to other people, he was still always enthusiastic. It wsn't until the war started the Vladek

got a little more precautious about a few things. Whenever a bad thing would happen, Vladek would

remain hopefull and trusted that things would go well for hima nd his family in the long run.

Even when Vladek had to fight in World War II and was put in a prisoner camp with the most terrible

conditions he still seemed to keep faith. However, onew can slowly notice how Vladek becomes a martyr

about food and any kind of valueable. It is antural that becasue he didn't get much or had much, that he

would be very careful about wasting anything. At times, hewas willing ot share, but he quickly realized

that he had to fight for himself to survive and that everyone wsa responsible for themselves. He became

a little careful about who his real friends were. When he and his family had to hideout from the NAZI's,

he became even more offa scavanger and keeper of any food that he could get.

When Vladek and Anja were brought to Auschwitz, the infamous concentration and death camp,

Vladek became very supspicious about everyone, thinking that everyone would betray
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