Max And Martha Series Essay

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Max & Martha Series is a series of Children’s novels written by Danielle Steel one of the most famous authors of children novels and historical contemporary fiction. The first novel in the Max & Martha series was the Martha’s New Daddy that was first published in 1989 to much critical acclaim.

The Max & Martha series of novels are excellent reads for children as their themes deal with the everyday problems that confront chidden. Some of the common themes in the series include corruption, politics, family intrigue, and romance making them a favorite with children.

The first novel in the series Martha’s New Daddy introduces Martha, a five year old who lives with her mother in San Francisco, California. Martha gets to see her father every week and loves hi very much even though he divorced her mother several years past. Her mother comes home to tell her the news that she plan to remarry very soon. As is expected, Martha who had always wanted her parents to get back together is disappointed though she holds nothing against her
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Max is waiting for a visit from Grampa and Grandma Winky since it has been a long time since he last saw them. His family had moved to Arizona taking him away from his beloved grandparents a few years ago, an event that had been hard on the young Max. However, his grandfather calls to say his grandmother is very ill and soon after that she is dead. The news hits the family very hard though his mother helps him to the very best of her ability to explain to him that the memories of his grandmother will always stay with him. Grandpa also does the utmost to tell him that his grandmother would love to see him happy and continue with his life rather than be sad. Max and Grandpa and Grandpa Winky is another excellent novel that helps parents with information on how to help children dealing with catastrophic loss of loved
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