Max, Miriam, And Sobel Led To Feld's Epiphany?

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the characters Max, Miriam, and Sobel all led to Feld's epiphany by the way they thought of ideas and spoke. Max was everything that Feld wanted for his daughter Miriam, he could give her a better life. He was very big on education and thought material thing were more important. Miriam didnt agree with her fathers ideas for her, she wanted a job instead of college. She read books to get knowledge and she didnt care for material things such as Max. Sobel was Feld's assisatant, who let Miriam borrow his books and worked for Feld for five years when he coul dhave gone else where to make better money. But he stayed and worked for Feld for Miriam. Once Feld finds all of this out he tells Sobel he must wait till Miriam is 21 years old before they

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