Max Planck's Life And Accomplishments

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The definition honor is to be regarded with high respect; esteem. My definition of respect is more or less the same thing. Max Planck was born on April 23, 1858 in Germany. He was born to a very well off family whose father was a professor. When Max turned nine his father received an appointment at the University of Munich. Planck joined the Maximillian Gym and met a teacher there, Hermann Muller, that shared his interest in mathematics and physics. He excelled in all of his subjects. Max graduated at 17 and decided to chose physics over traditional philology or music. After going through and listening to countless lectures Planck was unimpressed. He joined the University of Munich in fall of 1874, then spent a year at the University of Berlin.…show more content…
His most earliest works touched the subject of thermodynamics, he published many papers on this matter. The next problem that spiked his interest is radiation processes. He explained why and how it should be considered electromagnetic in nature. During these experiments he earned the name of Planck’s constant for the energy for a resonator of frequency. This was Planck’s most important work and was also a turning point in physics history. Even though all of this work was hard to accomplish, none of it was appreciated at the time. After his work gained some fame he wrote two books titled “Thermodynamics” and “Theory of Heat Radiation”. The first work was written in 1897 and the second in 1906. These works alone gave a basis for many theories and experiments. Max Planck finally was awarded his Nobel Prize in Physics in 1918. He was elected to Foreign Membership of the Royal Society in 1926, then was awarded their Copley Medal in 1928. The National Socialist Party put Planck through rough times as they ravaged on throughout Germany. Berlin actually became a city highly regarded for its Theoretical Physics, before the Nazis. His home was bombed towards the very end of the war. Many don’t remember Max for his ability to perform music or even possess any musical talent. At a certain point of his life, he believed it to a career of sorts.Max had many
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