Max Weber And Karl Marx On Modern Capitalism

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Max Weber and Karl Marx on Modern Capitalism
Anna Thor
Sociology 475: Classical Sociological Theory

Capitalism has continued to affect the way our society works as it is vital to our society. Two sociologists named Karl Marx and Max Weber have explained what they saw the historical emergence of modern capitalism. Both Karl Marx and Max Weber saw the significance of evolution of modern capitalism in the United States. Although both of the sociologists have differing views on how they saw the emergence of modern capitalism, there are also crossover and similarities in what they find as well as what they think should be done differently. Either way, both Karl Marx and Max Weber make significant explanations of capitalism which we can see that is still relevant today.
First of all, capitalism is the production of commodity for purposes of sales. It is an economic system where the means of production, distribution and exchange of wealth is made by individuals or corporations. The origin of capitalism starts when the producer wants to increase the sums of values they possessed and buys the laborer’s power for cheap and therefore increase the profits the producer makes (Tucker, p 432). Capitalism also involves with hierarchy of labor, production, wage labor, and surplus value, technology, and religion. Karl Marx and Max Weber state their critiques on this modern capitalism in the United States.
Karl Marx views the capitalism in America as selling commodities for
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