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M04_SMIT6319_01_SE_C04.QXD 12/26/07 1:58 AM Page 51 MINI CASE IT Leadership at MaxTrade Richard Fanning surveyed his home office gloomily as he pondered the disaster before him. He’d just completed a month’s worth of factfinding on the state of IT at his newest client, MaxTrade, and he was beginning to realize just how deep the company’s IT problems were. As an IT turnaround specialist, Richard was often asked to take on difficult CIO positions on a temporary basis, and he was used to facing management challenges, but MaxTrade (if he took the job, and he wasn’t sure yet if he would) would be the toughest of his career. “How could this have happened?” he asked himself. “Money certainly isn’t the issue.” The company was spending lots .…show more content…
As a result, IT had 932 projects on the books that the users thought were all being worked on, even though the company had only 152 IT people to do development. Morale was at rock bottom. Turnover was approaching 50 percent annually. The senior management at MaxTrade clearly felt as though they were standing on a “burning platform” with regard to IT. They were looking to Richard to turn things around, but the question was, did he want the job? Surveying the scope of the problem, the answer was clearly no. The situation was dire, and it was going to be next to impossible to get the whole thing working properly. And yet . . . he could see how much they needed a solution. He had spent hours talking to people in all parts of the company, and he knew he could make a difference not only to the organization’s future, but to the lives of many of its staff. And despite the ghastly experiences he knew were yet to be discovered, he also knew that he’d always be sorry if he let such a challenge go by. He picked up the phone to call Robinson. “I’ll do it,” he told him. “But let’s get started before I recover my sanity and change my mind.” The necessary first steps were clear, and Richard’s first month as temporary CIO was as brutal as he had expected. He began by doing a thorough assessment of the current technology situation at the company. At

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