Maxey Hayse Design Studios Creates Interior Concepts that Inspire

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Maxey Hayse is a hospitality design studio that also works in other areas in interior design such as commercial and residential designs. The firm offers many different types of work for different types of interior design jobs in the tri-state area. In addition, the firm has won a couple of awards for the firms work in the past. One award that the firm has won was from the National Commercial Builders Association for the work the firm did for the Cinder’s Wood Fired Grill located in Mine Hill Township in New Jersey. The firm is known for creating interior concepts that are made to inspire consumers during their time at the location and to create a chance for customers to return to the locations that the firm has worked on. A SWOT analysis can help any company reach new heights by going back and evaluate some important areas such as the firm’s strengths and weakness and new opportunities. In addition, an SWOT analysis can also help with threats from other competitions in the same market. With an SWOT analysis, it can help Maxey Hayse Design Studios reach a higher level of business with new approaches that could make the firm grow even more. With the idea that consumers are changing their ways in dinning out most “Consumers have higher expectations than they ever have had for their dining-out experiences and that has forced restaurants to enhance their visual appeal” (Lockyer). With how the environment is, changing in the commercial and residential designs a SWOT analysis

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