Maximilien Robespierre, Leader of the French Revolution

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“Europe cannot conceive of life without Kings and nobles; and we cannot conceive of it with them. Europe is lavishing her blood to preserve her chains, whereas we are lavishing ours to destroy them”(Maximilien Robespierre). For centuries upon centuries, the monarchal system had dominated European life. The very nature of this method of rule incited rebellious feelings, as a definite imbalance of power was present. Understandably, people under this system had risen against authority. The glorious nation of France was no exception. The eighteenth century brought about a great deal of economic and social turmoil. By the end of this one hundred year period, rebellion had been talked about by many citizens for quite some time. However, …show more content…
The personal rebellions of Maximilien Robespierre took many forms, as did those of the French Revolution, but no specific act of rebellion is perhaps best remembered by history or best associated with his hand than the execution of the oppressive Monarchy itself. The main problem in France at the time of the French Revolution was money management. The monarchy was wasting funds on exorbitant palaces and individual pleasures. They also invested a ton of money into the American Revolution, money that they had not yet gotten back. These managerial mishaps of the Monarchy manifested themselves in such forms as utter and widespread destitution among the people, and starvation among the least fortunate of the country’s inhabitants. In some cases, the repair of the economy would have been trusted to the ruling classes to fix, but Robespierre, along with many others, realized that nothing would change unless a change in leadership accompanied it. The feelings of many were embodied by this conclusion delivered by Robespierre in the National Assembly: “It is with regret that I pronounce a fatal truth: Louis ought to perish rather than a hundred thousand virtuous citizens; Louis must die that the country may live”(Maximilien Robespierre). It so passed that French
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