Maximizing Customer Satisfaction

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Service quality, in terms of customers’ perception, arises from a comparison of what customers expect that companies should offer with the companies’ service performance they perceive (Parasuraman et al, 1988). In order to maximise customer satisfaction, companies need to know what service components are important in customers’ perception and try to deliver good service quality with suitable proportions of those components.
According to the ranking of thirteen important attributes of low-cost airlines (Choon 2008), online questionnaires were specifically conducted to understand Thai customers’ expectation of each major components of domestic budget airlines in Thailand (Appendix x). The questionnaires were answered by 80 Thai respondents
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Currently, Nok Air has implemented both selling food/drink and other souvenirs on board and creating Nok Fan Club membership programme. Nevertheless, customers’ expectation shows that if Nok Air wants to cut down its cost, it can modify some of these services to reduce operational costs. For instance, comparing to Ryanair’s management (Gillen and Lall, 2004), Nok air may not offer meal services on board as well as sell souvenirs and other merchandises either through the Internet or through call centre instead. The frequent flyer programme may be unnecessary and can be withdrawn. Even though it has been operated via website, the company needs to invest many resources such as staff and system to manage and maintain the programme continuously so as to keep and increase customer satisfaction.
What is more, there is an issue on facilitated services such as ‘Check-in service’ and ‘Service of flight attendants’, which can be seen from the primary research as hygiene factors. As the hygiene factor, customers have a standard expectation on those components but they will not appreciate an additional level of the services (Lockwood, 1994). However, as current strategy and operation, Nok Air has considerably focused on the quality of hospitality, for example, the friendliness of flight attendants, which is indicated in Nok Air’s slogan, “We Fly Smile” (Nok Air website, 2010). Nok Air has also tried to
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