Maximizing Diversity

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Maximizing the Benefits of Diversity in a Corporate Structure Team #2 Edison State College March 17, 2013 Maximizing Diversity Module 4 Diverse teams are often perceived as difficult to manage because of possibility of conflict. Ensuring the team works together efficiently and keeps a positive relationship with one another can make it easy managing diversity. One of the specific parts of managing a team with diversity would be properly assigning them tasks. Members in a diverse group are chosen because they are simply different from the rest. “They have different skills, different perspectives on problems, different personalities, and different backgrounds” (Herrenkohl, 2006, p.g. 27). Before tasks may be appointed, it is…show more content…
Promote and assist coordination of efforts while encouraging new perspectives and solutions. Allow flexibility within the rigid structural guidelines set forth by the corporate structure. Avoid structural barriers that eliminate the benefits of diversity by building a communication network. Avoid lineal direct or compartmentalized communication. Although this communication is essential to conducting business, it does not encourage innovation or foster teamwork. Determine the type of communication network that best suits your corporate needs. A centralized network will allow for the center or head of each department to be constantly up to date on relevant issues. While a decentralized communication grid will allow many people within the department to be relatively current on all issues. This may be important when decisions are time sensitive as the centralized leader will have the most up to date and through answers. Module 5 “When the quality of relationships among the team members and their attraction to the team and its activities are positive, a mutual sense of team cohesion results” (Herrenkohl, 2006). Team member satisfaction can be a difficult task to accomplish with a diverse team; every one has a different ways to get their work done. It is important for a team to utilize the skills a diverse team offers them, because individual members can use their skills to achieve a particular
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