Maximizing Performance Appraisal System Acceptance

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Employee acceptance is a critical component of an effective performance appraisal system.(1) Research in organizational behavior clearly demonstrates that employee attitudes influence behavior,(2) and participant attitudes toward performance appraisal systems are no exception.(3) The attitudes of system participants play a key role in both the short and long term success of a performance appraisal system.(4) The goal of this research is to identify the characteristics of municipal government performance appraisal systems that are associated with perceived employee acceptance as reported by a national sample of municipal government personnel officials. Performance appraisal systems are but one component of an overall system of human…show more content…
This sense of unfairness will be exacerbated if the employee perceives no opportunity to rebut the information or present his or her views.(16) The task, therefore, becomes developing a process that cultivates accurate and comprehensive information in a manner that is perceived by employees as being fair. Leventhal and Greenberg discussed three broad principles that influence perceived fairness in performance appraisal systems. First, employees should possess the ability to correct or rebut inaccurate information. Second, that specific procedures should be introduced to increase the accuracy of performance information (such as performance diaries, comprehensive rater training, objective performance standards). Third, that procedural safeguards are present to discourage biased ratings (appeal processes, evaluating the rater on how well they administer the process). To fully operationalize these principles, a much greater voice and role for the employee is necessary. What are the preferred means for accomplishing these goals? Employee Voice Participation, goal setting and feedback are formal means for interjecting employee voice into the appraisal process. The original definition of employee voice included only participation. Employee voice is the employees' ability to influence the decision making process.(18) Employee participation is the most common means for operationalizing voice. Participation enables the ratee to express opinions,
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