Essay about Maximizing Production in the Food Industry

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One of the most important management activities in today’s economy is to improve performance, especially labor productivity, because almost every manufacturing process involves human work. Not only the physical work, but also the mental manpower is crucial to achieve the objectives of the organization. Increased productivity includes greater motivation, personal participation and better performance of work in the foodservice organization. For institutional food service, improving labor productivity can be more challenging because of budget pressure and strict regulations. Many studies have been done on working environment, management skills, vocational training and so on. Some general management skills, such as vocational
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The Continuing Vocational Training Survey (CVTS) recorded the degree and intensity of training activities in the firm they studied; and it was the key feature in this study, because CVST solved the arguments of “adding up a variety of economic activities with wide differences in terms of capital- or labor-intensity”(Sala & Silva, 2012). Besides CVTS, intensity in research and development, job training process, degree of capitalization, and general education were also considered as factors in their calculation model, so the conclusion was able to apply to other general professions.
Accordingly, human capital is also important for food service industry and it can promote economic growth dramatically. The result of study from Sala and Silva can be applied to food service industry as well. Proper vocational training before and during the employment can definitely increase labor productivity. Training for new employees, such as food safety, skills of handwashing, policy and skills of using certain machines, will help new employees to fit in work quickly and reduce the chances of operational error. Based on what we learned in class, improvements in design and operation of kitchen equipment is one of the applications of productivity improvement. Continued vocational training can inform employees the updated information about computerized machines, menu, new policy and regulations and customers’ feedback as well.

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