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Magali Ekome Ndong
MGT 4330
Dr. Margaret Shipley
Tuesday November 6th 2012
Case#4 Maximum Megahertz Project
Maximum Megahertz Olaf Gundersen, CEO of Wireless Telecom Company, is facing a difficult situation. He accepted a project proposed by 6 of his cleverest R&D specialist, The Maximum Megahertz project. This project is now behind. In order to get out of this “quandary” and avoid such issues in the future, Olaf Gundersen and his team should ask themselves these questions. How can they learn from their mistake? How to identify a risky project and put an end to it? This particular case is related to chapter 14 of our textbook. This chapter deals with project closure or what to do when your project is done. Although here
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Also, Olaf is already discouraged and unmotivated about this project “his gut feeling tell him the project will never materialize, and he should get out”.
In other to avoid having the same issues down the road, Olaf and his team need a plan of action. In this plan he first needs to review past projects and identify recurring issues. For that, he should hire and independent facilitators that will review previous or current projects that will draw lessons learned and advise on future procedures. Second, he needs to evaluate his team members and look for any issues such as effectiveness of group decision, problem solving processes, group cohesion and quality of information exchanged as suggested in our textbook page 512. Also, before accepting any new project, Olaf should make sure he understands all the parts and that his Telecom Company is fit to fulfill the project.
An article by Ted Klastorin and Gary Mitchell, suggest that planning is a critical step in project completion. We can read from this extract from the article, Optimal project planning under the threat of a disruptive event, “A critical part of most project plans is a baseline schedule (or pre-schedule; Herroelen, 2007; Van de Vonder et al., 2007) that is frequently used for timing resource allocation decisions in supplier contracts as well as communicating with project stakeholders and setting benchmarks for project monitoring and control. The

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