Maximum Subscribers Consume Gb Data Essay

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Maximum subscribers consume 1 GB data followed by 2 GB data per month. The combined strength of these two categories of data consumption per month is 55%, one reason for this the free or cheaper availability of wireless networks. This is also in line with the monthly data plan subscription by subscribers. 40% of the subscribers have subscribed to 1 GB and 30% of the subscribers has subscribed to 2 GB monthly data plan. Users give preference to use wireless networks which are available at high speed and lower cost rather than using costlier mobile data plans. It’s also concluded that percentage of unmarried respondents in all category of data consumption is higher than married respondents; male subscribers consume more data than female subscribers. Also data consumption is related to education level of the subscribers, data consumption by educated subscribers is more than other subscribers. Corporates including public and private sector are using technology for their day to work and has moved it to online platforms which influence the data consumption by these professionals. Based on the study it can be concluded that postpaid is the preferred mobile connection though there is not much difference between postpaid and prepaid respondents. Also data consumption for postpaid subscribers is higher than prepaid subscribers. Users subscribe to CUG facility which helps them lower the voice calling bills. Subscribers are using data services more frequently now because smartphones

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