Maximus and Odysseus

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Maximus and Odysseus While watching the film Gladiator with my girlfriend I realized the striking similarities that heroes share. However, I always wonder who is more of a hero. The definition or hero is a person noted for feats of courage or nobility of purpose, especially one who has risked or sacrificed his or her life. So let us compare the two heroes as the dictionary defines them. In the end I hope to be able to define who is a greater hero. Maximus was a great warrior in the Roman legion under Emperor Marcus Aurelius. His first courageous feat occurs when he defeats the last of the Barbarians of Germaina. Leading his army along a 12 year campaign he brought it to an end. Next he risks his life as he defies the new Emperor…show more content…
Odysseus suffered the wrath of the gods, cannibals, giants and even had to wrestle Poseidon. Maximus had to fight in the coliseum against outrageous odds, battling with live tigers nipping at his heels, and ultimately in the end he was mortally wounded before his last battle. Now in defining whoa greater hero was I looked at the reasons they had for their journey. Odysseus just wanted to reach home after a long battle. Odysseus had a son and wife waiting at his house as well. Odysseus had gone through a great battle just as Maximus, and he endured trials just as Maximus. Maximus at first wanted to get home, but then his quest was more for revenge, and closely followed by seeing his wife and son again. Maximus endured trials, battles, but the thing I believe that makes Maximus more of hero than Odysseus was that he never had relations with anyone other than his wife, and in the end only needed to kill what was absolutely necessary to kill. He showed mercy letting his one on one opponent live. Odysseus killed many suitors and only let one live because he believed he wasn't truly out to get his wife, but more so to the fact that he could sing the tale of the events later when it was all done. Revenge is much simpler than other factors. I believe at first Odysseus was out for glory at first, I think that is the real reason he was in the war. Maximus stated from day one that he only wished to return home so he could be with his family. I think the inner

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