Maximus's Definition Of A Tragic Hero

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We all see tragic heroes in all types of stories, but many people don’t really know what or who a tragic hero really is. A tragic hero is a protagonist with a tragic flaw which eventually leads to his demise, usually death. The idea of a tragic hero came from an ancient greek philosopher Aristotle. He came up with 5 concepts of what characteristics a tragic hero must persist of in order for him to be concluded as a tragic hero; a tragic hero must be noble or wise, he must have a hamartia, a fatal flaw, he must have a peripatetia, a reversal of fortune, he must have an anagnorisis, when the hero realizes that their own actions is what caused their demise, and he must have a fate that is greater than they really deserve. I do agree with these characteristics because it allows the audience to feel connected to the character so when that single character dies, the audience realizes how much of a tragic death that was. Today’s definition of a tragic hero, however, is much different than that of the English Renaissance. In modern definition, a tragic hero is actually born of low status and the character may even die without an epiphany.…show more content…
This story is about an Army general by the name of Maximus, the protagonist whose wife and son had been slain by the Caesar’s son, Commodus… the same man who framed Maximus for the death of the Caesar, the same Caesar who tries to kill Maximus all throughout the story, but after the hardships and ruin that Commodus has cast on his life, Maximus swears his vengeance. Based on what I know about what a tragic hero is and my knowledge of what those characteristics consist of, I believe Maximus is a tragic hero because if you look up the word “tragedy”, it means a very sad, unfortunate, or upsetting situation and I feel that Maximus’s situation really is a tragedy because I would hate for that to happen to
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