Maxine: A Short Story

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Maxine began life in the most typical of families. Her father owned a construction company, and her mother was curator. They weren't rich, but they weren't hurting either. Living in the upper middle class, they didn't seem to be hurting for anything. She was their second child the loving pair. Her older brother at first hating the idea of a little sister seemed to change his mind once she was born. After that she was his to protect, she was after all so very tiny and he loved he laugh.

For years they lived happily and as most families would live. The kids went to school; they spent summer at their grandparents. Maxine dreamed of being becoming a Olympic gymnast and her parents did their best to help her reach that goal. Of course she fought
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It happened like some sick movie she couldn't look away from. She watched as her body acted on its own and went after her whole family. Mom and dad were first, the blades sliding through their flesh like butter as she screamed internally. The last was her brother, she struggled against the dark hold the demon had on her. Tried to fight, tried to save the last of her family. As the blade began to slice into her brother the door burst open. A man she had never seen before began to come after her.

Bobby Signer had been hunting the demon within the small girl for weeks now. And found himself nearly sick to find what it had done now. Trapping the demon he performed the exorcism and freed Maxine from the demons hold. But not her memories, no those would never be washed away.

Her brother was taken away as the police arrived. Bobby was forced to pull back as the local authorities took over the scene. They thought that Maxine had lost her mind. She was screaming things that made no sense. They labeled her as insane and sent her to the local asylum to serve out her sentence. Once there Maxine was subject to everything from medications, groups, doctors, shock therapy, and the horrible whims of one of the less than noble
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