Maxis - Marketing Plan

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1.0 The Executive Summary

2.0 Integrated Marketing Plan Introduction

3.0 The Maxis Company Profile and Background

3.1 Types of Services Offered by Maxis

4.0 Mission Statement of Maxis

5.0 Strategic Thrust of the Integrated Marketing Plan

6.0 Maxis Company’s Key Success Factors

7.0 Situational Audit and Analysis

7.1 Macro - Environmental Analysis for the Maxis Company

7.1.1 P.E.S.T and S.W.O.T Analytical Frameworks for Environmental Analysis

7.1.1 Benefits of Using these Tools

7.2 SWOT Analysis for Maxis Malaysia

7.2.3 The Strengths of the Maxis Company

7.2.3 The Weaknesses of the Maxis Company

7.2.4 The Opportunities of the Maxis Company
7.2.5 The Threats of the Maxis Company

7.2.6 Important Findings of the
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The domination of this company in the realm of mobile telecommunications services is now coming under threat from competitors like DiGi. that are fast growing ion popularity among Malaysian phone users. The lack of competitiveness of Maxis has to be cured by making recommendations that will be contained within this marketing plan. Essentially, this plan will contain strategies that can make Maxis more competitive again and that will permit the company to leave its competition behind. Lack of strategic planning can be very bad for a company, especially when competitors are just wanting for the right time to deploy their strategies to annul the competitor. The strategic planner at Maxis has to plan through having the correct and accurate information concerning the macro-environment and the internal processes of the company. It only with such knowledge that Maxis can solve the inefficiencies within its company and to take logical and accurate steps towards improving their competitive position in the industry. With this information, the strategist will be able to devise and deploy strategic initiatives that can enhance the performance of the company and to overtake its competition.

3.0 The Maxis Company Profile and Background

Maxis Communications Berhad, or known as the Maxis company for this report, is an organisation that is dealing in the business of providing various services that

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